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Fever Dream Founders

Anna Caffarelli and Crimson Moeller

Fever Dream Dance Collective is directed by Chicago-based choreography and performance couple, Anna Caffarelli and Crimson Moeller. During their five years of collaboration, their choreography has been presented at New Dances Chicago, Agropoli Danza Festival, JELLO, Common Ground, Full Tilt, and several self-produced shows. They also have a close working relationship with WADE, a feminist dance activism platform directed by Giada Matteini, where Crimson and Anna served as resident artists for WADE’s Pride Residency, produced at NYU. 

Crimson and Anna enmesh their creative visions to produce a universe onstage that is both aesthetically heightened and fleetingly familiar. They use detailed emotive gestures, sweeping traveling passes, and distinctive spatial tableaus to drive narrative. Anna Caffarelli comes from a contemporary and improvisational based background with a choreographic interest in the shifting power dynamics of human relationships. Crimson Moeller finds her roots in Ballet and the Seattle grunge scene and creates work that exists in an alternate universe saturated with dreamy rebellion. As a collaboration, they create work that questions power structures, highlights chaos, and envisions a better future.


Current Collaborators


Maggie Vannucci

Maggie is a Chicago-based dance artist, performer, and teacher. Her performance collaborations in Chicago include work with The Seldoms, Erin Kilmurry, Sarah Stern, and Khecari. She is certified in Introduction to Bartenieff Fundamentals and has facilitated classes and workshops throughout the city, nationally, and internationally. She received her MFA with distinction in Contemporary Dance Performance through the postgraduate program VERVE led by Matthew Robinson in Leeds, UK where she toured Europe performing with the VERVE dance company. She received her BFA in contemporary dance performance from London Contemporary Dance School.
You can take her weekly Release Based Contemporary class on Friday mornings at The Rooted Space.


Dani Kfoury

Dani Kfoury is a Performer and Teaching Artist based in Chicago. She earned her BFA from The Ohio State University. Dani has performed in works by Ronald K. Brown, Crystal Michelle Perkins, Edward Taketa, Joshua Manculich, Sarah Hixon and more. She spent 3 seasons as a Company Dancer for Hixon Dance Company in Columbus, Ohio. Most recently, she performed in works by Anna Caffarelli and Imani English in New Dances 2023. Currently, Dani works as Teaching Artist for Hubbard Street Dance Chicago and South Chicago Dance Theatre, sharing her love of dance with students in Chicago Public Schools. In addition, she teaches at various local studios.
In her personal artistic practice, Dani connects most with work that bravely comments on our world while also holding space for a deeply personal narrative.


Milo Sache-Hofheimer

Milo Sachse-Hofheimer began studying dance at eight years old at Kanopy Dance Company. In 2023, they graduated with a BFA in dance from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. Throughout college, they performed repertoire from Gallim, Robert Moses, Annie Hanauer, BRKFST, Black Label Movement, Elayna Waxse, Leila Awadallah, and Brother(hood). In their final year of school, Milo performed with The Limon Dance Company and self-produced an evening-length show at the Red Eye Theater. Since graduating, they have begun working with Black Label Movement as well as House of DOV, Hannah Marcus, and Fever Dream Dance Collective.


Sophie Allen

Sophie Minouche Allen pushes playfulness, nuance and rigor to the forefront of her creative endeavors. She performs, choreographs, teaches and collaborates, and is her happiest when in relation to others. Sophie holds both a BFA in Dance and a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) from the University of Michigan. She is also a certified Countertechnique® Teacher.


Laura Baumeister

Laura is a Chicago-based freelance dancer with a BFA in Modern Dance. Her personal artistic endeavors overwhelmingly derive from improvisation while embodying characters, moods, environments, and experiences. She does not shy away from absurdity and laughter when in process and finds this is often where the heart of the work lies.


Rahila Coats

Rahila Naomi Stadem Coats is an improviser, choreographer, and teaching artist. She has performed new works and repertoire by Abigail Sena Atugah, Kofi Anthonio, Judith Brin Ingber, Marciano Dos Silva Santos, Carl Flink, Kevin Iega Jeff, Michel Kouakou, Ohad Naharin, Andrea Miller, Robert Moses, Leslie Parker, Uri Sands, Chris Schlicting, Erin Kilmurray, Anna Martine Whitehead, and Tali Wertheim- Agranionik and others within and outside the dance community in the United States. Her works have been shown through the support of Twenty Percent Productions, Jerusalem Jazz Festival, MN Fringe Festival, Co.mpany Projects, Synapse Arts and Chicago Danceworks. Currently she performs with the music group Family Junket and is in her second season with Red Clay Dance Company. In 2021, She received Chicago’s 3Art’s Make A Wave Award along with 120 other artists. She holds gratitude for her family that has brought her to Chicago and celebrates the community she learns and loves from in the city.


Peyton Jones

Peyton Jones is a dance artist and teacher in Chicago. She earned her BFA from Cornish College of the Arts in 2020, with a focus on choreography and composition. She teaches early childhood and elementary level dance classes all across Chicago and is a company member of Darvin Dances.
Peyton strives to place humanity and empathy at the forefront of her teaching, performance, and choreography.

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