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Our efforts to preserve the ephemeral.

Club Caucus (2023-2024)


Produced by FDDC and Giada Matteini for WADE Pride Residency 2023. Most recently performed by Anya Collins, Elise Dawson, Taylor Wade, Giordana Falzone, Crimson Moeller, Da Hyun Kim. Costumes by Crimson Moeller, Music by Neve. Photos by John Eng and Tessa Fungo.

Ironic, irreverent, and fabulous, Club Caucus pokes fun at the theatricality of hollow political figureheads, and, as the piece progresses, explores what queer power could look like in the political sphere. By drawing parallels between the joyful and edgy showmanship of club culture and the larger than life showmanship of political figureheads, Club Caucus flips the traditional political narrative on its head. The commentary being: when we let politics become theater, polarization prevents us from finding similarities and humanity.

Frequencies Within (2024)


Produced by FDDC. Choreography: Crimson Moeller, Anna Caffarelli, in collaboration with dancers. Dancers: Rahila Coates, Peyton Jones, Milo Sasche-Hofheimer, Laura Baumeister, Dani Kfoury, A Else, Sophie Allen, Maggie Vannucci. Music: Solomon Fesshaye, Aphex Twin. Costumes: Crimson Moeller

Frequencies Within was borne of conversations with our cast about late stage capitalism, productivity, rest, and community. As dancers, our work is also our play. Yet our bodies are not always treated as precious vessels of inspiration, but rather highly specified machines set to the highest setting. We grapple with the work/rest dichotomy. When the body is still but the mind demands more work, we tune into an anxious buzzing emanating from the trapped anti-capitalist within. The radio frequency of an insatiable machine. How can we coexist with it and stay embodied? When the mind and body are free of expectation or guilt, we discover a geyser of energy erupts from within. The joy of dance floods back into the body. The heart’s compass points confidently to its true north: community.



Produced by FDDC. Choreography: Crimson Moeller, in collaboration with dancers. Dancers: Anna Caffarelli, A Else, Sophie Allen, Rahila Coats. Music: Weyes Blood, Foxygen, The Mamas and Papas, Nina Simone. Costumes and Set Design: Crimson Moeller

During young adulthood, conversations break loose, questioning the hierarchies of our society and grappling with the knowledge that the world doesn’t operate for the greater good. These conversations stir up connection, community and revolution. All throughout time young people have had these exchanges that emerge from friendship and foster a rage for change. Within the piece, two time periods intersect, realizing that while the specifics of their conversations may vary from decade to decade, the yearning for change remains the same. There's something frightening about the world always feeling like it's coming to an end, but there is also a comfort in knowing that it always has been– and that you are not alone.

Side By Side (2023-2024)


Produced by FDDC, Jello, Common Ground, WADE Benefit Gala, and WADE Into Activism. Choreographed and danced by Anna Caffarelli and Crimson Moeller. Music: Squarepusher and Jessica Pratt.

The duet, “Side by Side,” is informed by Crimson and Anna’s relationship as a long term queer couple. They experience life side by side, consistently taking in the same set of information and stimuli on parallel life tracks. This produces intense feelings of mundanity, interconnectedness, conflict, and euphoria. They investigate this concept through tableaus of mundane shapes such as sleeping and rising, performing synced abstract gestural tasks, engaging in aggressive partnerwork, and spinning in dizzying joy. Swinging from extremes of independence and codependence, this piece explores the journey of souls intertwined.

Apart A Part (2022-2024)


Produced at The Collection (FDDC), Emergence (Alluvion), and Cornish College of the Arts. Most recently danced by:

Apart, A Part represents shifting power dynamics between people: how power is acquired and displayed, given and taken, physical and social, and what motivates us to come together. A non-literal but highly charged narrative unfurls onstage, wherein a group is established, one dancer breaks out and dancers are triggered to assert power in different groupings and with different energies. Sometimes the groups split in half, building frenetic energy and barreling toward each other. At other times one dancer separates from the group, asserting power or being left behind. By the end, the dancers turn their energy toward the audience creating a lasting impression of the nebulous performer/viewer power dynamic. They ask, who has the upper hand now?

Portrait of Power (2022-2023)


Produced by Giada Matteini for the WADE Into Activism Benefit Performance 2022. Choreography by Anna Caffarelli and Crimson Moeller. Most recently danced by Taylor Wade, Anna Caffarelli, Crimson Moeller. Music by Mal Stein.

“Portrait of Power” was originally created in Southern Italy in 2022 for the Agropoli Danza Festival produced by Giada Matteini. “Portrait of Power” portrayed the idealization of women in art by displaying and deconstructing unattainable beauty standards often set by male artists. Created in Italy, our inspiration came from portraits of women from the Florentine Renaissance,-- never painted in truth, rather as a fantasy of femininity. The issue of women being the object of history rather than participants in history still confines feminine people’s expression and livelihood. The piece focused on a community of women taking control of their own narratives, deconstructing problematic past ideologies, and rebuilding honest portrayals of themselves within art.

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